Choosing the Perfect Mobile App Color Themes

Mobile App Color Red, blue, green or violet – which color would you like for your mobile app? The question seems quite kiddish. However, it isn’t. After functionality, if there is something that matters most to your mobile app is its design and Mobile App Color Themes are the heart of quality designs.

Mobile App Color

So, if you are an approver and have questions like “How to pick Mobile App Color Schemes?” in your mind – you must do some deep research to find an answer to such questions. Here’s why:

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  • Users Love Colors
  • Colors Attract Users
  • Right Colors Shape Right Perceptions for Brands

Mobile apps these days are juggling to provide an out-of-the-box user experience – but, it can not be done without the selection of the right colors. To make a perfect color scheme for your app that attracts your users, you must find the right colors first.

But, how can you do the same? Let’s Find Out:

It All Starts With Finding the Right Colors For Your Mobile App

If you see and analyze apps on the App Store and Play Store, you will see a number of apps having a lot of colors. Have a look:

Mobile App Color1

Typically, the colors of your application will rely upon what sort of application you are building. So, for a better understanding, let’s check how you can analyze your colors correctly:

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1.Figure Out Your Target Customers’ Emotions

App colors and user’s emotions go hand-in-hand.

A few of the colors have all-inclusive importance while others have a different perception. So before selecting a particular shade for your mobile app, you should take into consideration the various meanings of different colors so that you can perfectly focus on your target audience’s emotions. For example,

  1. Red color portrays excitement, force, and stimulation
  2. The yellow is related to joy and optimism.
  3. Orange speaks to enthusiasm and excitement.
  4. Blue is again a unique shading known for trust and quality.
  5. Green is more connected with the environment, peace and is associated with wealth and money.

We found this info-graphic on Huffpost and it explains clearly what feelings are invoked by specific colors utilizing the logos of top brands as examples. Psychologists have examined how people are influenced by colors and found a solid relationship between colors and emotions, further driving home the point that picking the right color is critical in deciding how your brand is seen.

For example, food brands like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Grubhub and many more use red in their logos to stimulate hunger. White, black, gold and silver are often utilized in the logos of luxury brands like Prada, Chanel Michael Kors and others to upgrade the sentiment of sophistication.

2.Pay Heeds to Your App’s Category

Yes, the decision of colors for your app depends a lot on your app’s category. For example, if you are planning to build an app for Food and Drink’s category – Red will be your preferred color. Why?

Because studies have shown that past experiences and perceptions help guide our reality. If we have had a calm and relaxing experience by just watching the sea (which is blue in color) then we will relate the feeling of relaxing to blue color – each and every time. In the same way, if we’ve eaten lots of food from brands with red colors like these…

3.Choose the Color of Your Application Icon

The app icon is the primary thing that your target customers will see when they see your application on App Store/Play Store, and it plays a major role in concluding whether they’d prefer to download the application or not.

The app icon colors should show the utility of the application in a concise and clear way. Henceforth, the mobile app color palette you select for your application icon will characterize the entire application. Find out which colors reflect the philosophy of your brand and go incredibly well with the application icon design. To help you out here, we have jotted down a few facts:

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  • Games Often Use Faces In App Icons

From Clash of Clans to Angry Birds, the Games category is loaded up with characters. As per research, 38 percent of the top gaming applications have faces in their icons. A few of these faces are humans; others are cartoons or animals. Another reason for this is that Games need to show emotions of people in their app icons and that’s why most mobile apps have faces/cartoons in their app’s icon with bright colors:

Mobile App Color 2


Custom Mobile App Color Themes

Making your own color scheme isn’t as difficult as a number of people think. Using a dark color along with a neutral mobile app color palette is one of the simplest mobile color themes to use, and it’s also one of the most striking combinations. Just like white canvas and a touch of grey sprinkled with accents of blue, make up the Dropbox’s color scheme.