10 Best Blogs to Follow About Mobile App

Mobile marketing has become the trendiest way for endorsing any business, expanding the customer base and making the most out of the internet. With such an advanced and fast way of marketing in play, it becomes necessary to stay updated about the latest app trends, new app reviews and other technical stuff.

Mobile App

Here is the list of 15 top blogs which you should follow to become a Pro at mobile app industry.

1. Android Authority : – 

The blog posts around 9 pieces a week, informing about the latest app launches, app reviews and ratings. It gives you lists of the best gaming apps, learning apps, music apps and other genres. The blog is specifically dedicated for Android app and gives you insight about developing the best Android app. You visit the page here

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2. AppAdvice : – 

AppAdvice is a blog dedicated to Apple and iOS. With more than 80 posts per week, this site keeps you informed about the latest iPhone and iPad apps and reviews them for you. AppAdvice enlists the best apps and even enlightens you about various features of the iOS apps. It even publishes posts which reveal where to get the best apps for free or at discounted prices, so that you don’t miss out on any experience.

3. Bizness Apps : – 

As its tagline goes, “Mobile app maker for small businesses”, Bizness Apps is the website which blogs about the strategies which help you grow your business through developing an app and how to make it a big success. Even if you are a complete newbie in entrepreneurship, Bizness Apps makes sure that you play your cards right. With about 2 posts per week, Bizness Apps keeps its content precise and excellent.

4. Google News : – 

Apart from the daily news updates, Google News maintains a separate section for everything related to mobile. From new mobile launches, reviews to new Android & iOS app releases, with their news and reviews, Google News has it all. With around 7 posts per day, Google News promises to keep you well updated.

5. Inside AdMob : – 
With an official blog site dedicated to understanding the intricacies of the mobile advertising, Inside AdMob is a Google’s venture. The blogs focus on helping the developers convert their apps into revenue-generating entities.

6. Android Developers Blog : – 

As the name suggests, the page through its blogs address different issues related to Android app development, and how they can be solved. It is perfect for the regular Android developers to follow, as the blog keeps coming up with the latest news about the Android world and provides just enough to digest. Android Developers Blog comes with around 3 posts per week.

7. AppStudioz : – 

AppStudioz does not post very often. You will get one post in a month. The quality of the content makes worth the wait. The blogs provide all the information regarding mobile app development. Be it Android, iOS or cross-platform app development, the posts contain substantial information that enhances your overall knowledge and skill about mobile app creation and its monetization.

8. Sensor Tower Blog : – 

This is an App Store Optimization (ASO) based blog. Sensor Tower Blog lists out the best practices so to get easy approval from the app stores and be on top of the trending list. It researches and understands the app store listings, and posts the practices which can help your development grow fast. Sensor Tower Blog posts 2 blogs per week.


9. Ray Wenderlich : – 

If you are aiming to develop a gaming app and want to give the best real-life like experience to your audience, then Ray Wenderlich is here to help you achieve your goal. The blog prepares tutorials for iOS developers and gamers. It collects the best games for you to get your hands and makes sure you know every detail about it. With about 7 posts per week,  Ray Wenderlich it helps you develop the best games.

10. Chartboost : –

Chartboost promises to provide tools and strategies which help the game developers to increase their revenue by reaching to more and more players. It follows game launches all around the world and brings you the news and Q/As through its blog, once in a month.