What’s The Latest Innovation In Circuit Switching?

Circuit switching is an important process in the way we have advanced in our communication. There are few innovations that have impacted the world as much as network communications. From the days of the rotary telephone and its bulky wires, humans have benefited immensely from the ability to enjoy seamless communication while miles apart from one another.

Circuit Switching

The convenience continues, though the technology has been vastly improved over the years. Now there is high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and enough networking prowess to handle all of it at high speeds and in high definition. But networking wasn’t always as robust as it is now, and many of the techniques used in modern network communications took a long time to refine. As they’ve gotten better over time, the technology around them has improved while the number of users has blown up.

There are different types of communication channels and techniques out there, many of which have a huge impact on how clear transmission is. Some of these have been around for decades, though they’re still improving at a rapid rate. One such type of communication is circuit switching. Circuit switching dates back generations, but it’s still a developing science. And with more of the world depending heavily on dedicated communication transmissions than ever before, circuit switching is more important now than at any point in history.

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Here’s an overview of circuit switching, its history, what makes it different from other closely related terms, and some of the most recent innovations in the field.

What Is Circuit Switching? What Are Its Origins?

Circuit switching is one of the oldest and most vital processes in all of the network communications. It involves creating a direct connection between two network nodes. This connection lasts for the duration of the transmission or communication session. This method for applying a network allows for the establishment of an independent communications channel, also known as a circuit. The benefit of it is that it guarantees the full level of bandwidth for the entire session.

Another way of thinking about how circuit switching works is that it is a simulated physical connection. Since the two nodes are connected for the full duration of the session, it is the same as if a physical circuit was connecting the two. One of the most common examples of circuit switching exists in the telecommunications industry and can be seen in early landline phone systems. The image of operators switching cables into different inputs to form new networks for calls is a classic example of this type of data transmission method in its elementary stages.

Establishing dedicated circuits between communicating parties is an important part of keeping clear, consistent calls. While the hardware and configurations to achieve this type of call may have changed over the years, the goal is still the same – max bandwidth, clear reception, and consistency in every call.

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Where Is Circuit Switching Heading? What Are The Recent Innovations

Knowing the fundamentals and history of circuit switching, it is easy to see its advantages. It’s also important to know that, even if no communications are taking place and no signal is being sent between the two nodes, the channel is reserved and set aside from competitors on the network.

This model of communication networking is so valuable it has been honed and refined over the ages. As the telecommunications industry has evolved, different methods have developed. With the advent of the internet and its rise to prominence as a household utility, virtual-circuit switching has become popular.

Thanks to improvements in the optical lines and telecommunications mapping technology used to established wide-area networks and allow for secure data exchanges, there are more options for circuit switching now than there were in the past. These innovations and improvements can be used by individuals and businesses alike, proving they’re great for casual and professional communications.

Why Is Circuit Switching So Useful In Modern Communications?

Circuit switching, like all types of network transmission methods, has evolved to meet the needs of digital communications. As everything from the very definition of networking to the type of phones used change, so must the approach to networking techniques like circuit switching.

In the past, a stable transmission channel or circuit got its merits on the basis of clear communications. Its stability was a guarantee of good reception and to make sure calls wouldn’t drop. Now, with so much personal information being sent from one point on a network to another, it’s much more important than security is placed at the forefront.

Without a secure network connection between two nodes, it is more likely that unauthorized parties can intercept data. Whether it’s something as simple as a phone number or something more serious like credit card information, security is very important because of all the information being transferred. However, it’s also harder to maintain secure connections on virtual networks.

How Circuit Switching Can Shape The Future Of Communications 

Circuit switching will continue to evolve, and the next step could be overcoming one of its most historic drawbacks – failure to utilize all the resources in a given network.

While a circuit can be reserved between two nodes, that means even if the circuit or others around it could be useful for other means, they’re reserved. This conservative approach to resource allocation and use is helpful in some cases, but a bit wasteful in others. As the future of communications evolves to demand higher speeds, longer range, and even more security, networks may need to utilize those resources.

Circuit switching could evolve to a point where there is a protocol that allows for maximum resource allocation, which improves efficiency. This could make it easier for an established channel to switch the circuit to another point in the network if such a switch would allow for better transmission quality.

10 Best Blogs to Follow About Mobile App

Mobile marketing has become the trendiest way for endorsing any business, expanding the customer base and making the most out of the internet. With such an advanced and fast way of marketing in play, it becomes necessary to stay updated about the latest app trends, new app reviews and other technical stuff.

Mobile App

Here is the list of 15 top blogs which you should follow to become a Pro at mobile app industry.

1. Android Authority : – 

The blog posts around 9 pieces a week, informing about the latest app launches, app reviews and ratings. It gives you lists of the best gaming apps, learning apps, music apps and other genres. The blog is specifically dedicated for Android app and gives you insight about developing the best Android app. You visit the page here

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2. AppAdvice : – 

AppAdvice is a blog dedicated to Apple and iOS. With more than 80 posts per week, this site keeps you informed about the latest iPhone and iPad apps and reviews them for you. AppAdvice enlists the best apps and even enlightens you about various features of the iOS apps. It even publishes posts which reveal where to get the best apps for free or at discounted prices, so that you don’t miss out on any experience.

3. Bizness Apps : – 

As its tagline goes, “Mobile app maker for small businesses”, Bizness Apps is the website which blogs about the strategies which help you grow your business through developing an app and how to make it a big success. Even if you are a complete newbie in entrepreneurship, Bizness Apps makes sure that you play your cards right. With about 2 posts per week, Bizness Apps keeps its content precise and excellent.

4. Google News : – 

Apart from the daily news updates, Google News maintains a separate section for everything related to mobile. From new mobile launches, reviews to new Android & iOS app releases, with their news and reviews, Google News has it all. With around 7 posts per day, Google News promises to keep you well updated.

5. Inside AdMob : – 
With an official blog site dedicated to understanding the intricacies of the mobile advertising, Inside AdMob is a Google’s venture. The blogs focus on helping the developers convert their apps into revenue-generating entities.

6. Android Developers Blog : – 

As the name suggests, the page through its blogs address different issues related to Android app development, and how they can be solved. It is perfect for the regular Android developers to follow, as the blog keeps coming up with the latest news about the Android world and provides just enough to digest. Android Developers Blog comes with around 3 posts per week.

7. AppStudioz : – 

AppStudioz does not post very often. You will get one post in a month. The quality of the content makes worth the wait. The blogs provide all the information regarding mobile app development. Be it Android, iOS or cross-platform app development, the posts contain substantial information that enhances your overall knowledge and skill about mobile app creation and its monetization.

8. Sensor Tower Blog : – 

This is an App Store Optimization (ASO) based blog. Sensor Tower Blog lists out the best practices so to get easy approval from the app stores and be on top of the trending list. It researches and understands the app store listings, and posts the practices which can help your development grow fast. Sensor Tower Blog posts 2 blogs per week.


9. Ray Wenderlich : – 

If you are aiming to develop a gaming app and want to give the best real-life like experience to your audience, then Ray Wenderlich is here to help you achieve your goal. The blog prepares tutorials for iOS developers and gamers. It collects the best games for you to get your hands and makes sure you know every detail about it. With about 7 posts per week,  Ray Wenderlich it helps you develop the best games.

10. Chartboost : –

Chartboost promises to provide tools and strategies which help the game developers to increase their revenue by reaching to more and more players. It follows game launches all around the world and brings you the news and Q/As through its blog, once in a month.

Choosing the Perfect Mobile App Color Themes

Mobile App Color Red, blue, green or violet – which color would you like for your mobile app? The question seems quite kiddish. However, it isn’t. After functionality, if there is something that matters most to your mobile app is its design and Mobile App Color Themes are the heart of quality designs.

Mobile App Color

So, if you are an approver and have questions like “How to pick Mobile App Color Schemes?” in your mind – you must do some deep research to find an answer to such questions. Here’s why:

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  • Users Love Colors
  • Colors Attract Users
  • Right Colors Shape Right Perceptions for Brands

Mobile apps these days are juggling to provide an out-of-the-box user experience – but, it can not be done without the selection of the right colors. To make a perfect color scheme for your app that attracts your users, you must find the right colors first.

But, how can you do the same? Let’s Find Out:

It All Starts With Finding the Right Colors For Your Mobile App

If you see and analyze apps on the App Store and Play Store, you will see a number of apps having a lot of colors. Have a look:

Mobile App Color1

Typically, the colors of your application will rely upon what sort of application you are building. So, for a better understanding, let’s check how you can analyze your colors correctly:

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1.Figure Out Your Target Customers’ Emotions

App colors and user’s emotions go hand-in-hand.

A few of the colors have all-inclusive importance while others have a different perception. So before selecting a particular shade for your mobile app, you should take into consideration the various meanings of different colors so that you can perfectly focus on your target audience’s emotions. For example,

  1. Red color portrays excitement, force, and stimulation
  2. The yellow is related to joy and optimism.
  3. Orange speaks to enthusiasm and excitement.
  4. Blue is again a unique shading known for trust and quality.
  5. Green is more connected with the environment, peace and is associated with wealth and money.

We found this info-graphic on Huffpost and it explains clearly what feelings are invoked by specific colors utilizing the logos of top brands as examples. Psychologists have examined how people are influenced by colors and found a solid relationship between colors and emotions, further driving home the point that picking the right color is critical in deciding how your brand is seen.

For example, food brands like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Grubhub and many more use red in their logos to stimulate hunger. White, black, gold and silver are often utilized in the logos of luxury brands like Prada, Chanel Michael Kors and others to upgrade the sentiment of sophistication.

2.Pay Heeds to Your App’s Category

Yes, the decision of colors for your app depends a lot on your app’s category. For example, if you are planning to build an app for Food and Drink’s category – Red will be your preferred color. Why?

Because studies have shown that past experiences and perceptions help guide our reality. If we have had a calm and relaxing experience by just watching the sea (which is blue in color) then we will relate the feeling of relaxing to blue color – each and every time. In the same way, if we’ve eaten lots of food from brands with red colors like these…

3.Choose the Color of Your Application Icon

The app icon is the primary thing that your target customers will see when they see your application on App Store/Play Store, and it plays a major role in concluding whether they’d prefer to download the application or not.

The app icon colors should show the utility of the application in a concise and clear way. Henceforth, the mobile app color palette you select for your application icon will characterize the entire application. Find out which colors reflect the philosophy of your brand and go incredibly well with the application icon design. To help you out here, we have jotted down a few facts:

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  • Games Often Use Faces In App Icons

From Clash of Clans to Angry Birds, the Games category is loaded up with characters. As per research, 38 percent of the top gaming applications have faces in their icons. A few of these faces are humans; others are cartoons or animals. Another reason for this is that Games need to show emotions of people in their app icons and that’s why most mobile apps have faces/cartoons in their app’s icon with bright colors:

Mobile App Color 2


Custom Mobile App Color Themes

Making your own color scheme isn’t as difficult as a number of people think. Using a dark color along with a neutral mobile app color palette is one of the simplest mobile color themes to use, and it’s also one of the most striking combinations. Just like white canvas and a touch of grey sprinkled with accents of blue, make up the Dropbox’s color scheme.

How to Write a Good Software Design DOC

Software Design

Software Design Managing projects of all sizes and levels of complexities is one of the most challenging parts of the business, and managing software development projects is no different. Even contrary, this is a highly complex, requiring working with cross-functional teams, people with industry-specific skills as well as those with the requisite software development expertise.

Legacy systems and infrastructure issues, often insufficient software expertise, communication gaps between different team working on a project – those all only some of the reasons why it is important to specify clearly as many details as possible prior to starting any software development project.

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So, good software design documentation and the ultimate success of the project are tightly correlated. A software design document,  which is  also known as a technical specifications
doc,  is a description of how the team plans to solve a problem. According to Wikipedia, software design description (a.k.a. software design document or SDD), also Software Design Specification is a written description of a software product, that a software designer writes in order to give a software development team overall guidance to the architecture of the software project.

We now know why software design documentation is so important but how does it look like?

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Depending on the type of the project, your design doc can be structured differently. However, there is a simple, commonly used format with a list of sections that you should at least include in your next software design document:

➔ Title & Other (the title of your design doc, author or authors, the reviewers and the date the document was last updated)
➔ Overview (a high level summary that all team members at the company should understand)
➔ Context​ (a description of the project and why the software is needed)
➔ Goals and non-goals ​(describing which problems you will and which ones you won’t be fixing)
➔ Milestones​ (measurable checkpoints break the project down into different milestones)
➔ Proposed solution​ (this might be technical Architecture description)
➔ Alternative solutions​ (stating what are the pros and cons of the alternatives)
➔ Discussion​ (suggested future work, open issues and similar)
➔ Timeline​ (more detailed scoping with estimations and deadlines)

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When looking for a software development company to handle your project, look for a partner that can provide you with the best overall value. Differenz team really cares about our client’s peace of mind and works hard to cope with constantly changing requirements. Timely delivery. Top-notch solutions. The best quality/price ratio. Drop us a line to start a conversation.

Who Are the Cryptocurrency Developers?

As it is a new technology and people are aware from its benefits, there is a high demand of cryptocurrency and people are looking for developers as they need expertise and as it is new technology they can’t rely on the developer. So in 2019, cryptocurrency developers are in high demand and developers are becoming costly day by day. Cryptocurrency are also in high demand because it is a digital world and digital currency is in high demand.


This currency has an essential feature it secure, encrypted, unbreakable centrally uncontrolled, completely monitored by the strong network of data miners, the cryptocurrency and blockchain developers. Commonly used as a medium of exchange without any centralized control of the financial body or authority. The maximum of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and software developers are used high power computers.

Who Are the Cryptocurrency Developers?

In the year 2020, there is a high demand of cryptocurrency developers, and client’s look for perfection and they want developers to be well versed in coding and developing. In these languages like Android, PHP, Python, C#, Java, Node.js and other languages that are used to connect the mobile apps with the cryptocurrency blockchain. Due to the success of cryptocurrency blockchain and ethereum developers are in huge demand. The developers besides managing the blockchain make sure the APIs are easily integrated into various cryptocurrency-related applications or services.

Most Important Responsibilities of Crypto Coin Developers?

As we discussed earlier, the cryptocurrency developers are the programmers who know their ways with different programming languages. In 2020, crypto developers are upgraded with new technologies, terminologies, even involve with the cryptocurrency platforms.

The Main Responsibilities Are:

  • Testing
  • Developing apps based on blockchain technology
  • Evaluating the infrastructure for exchange and transactions
  • Best knowledge of how crypto mining works
  • They can relate it to features that should be implemented in apps and system
  • Implementing apps in the digital currency area.
  • Using the latest tech and knowledge in the cryptocurrency field
  • The maintenance and troubleshooting for eventual problems.

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What are Blockchain Developers?

Do new task on every single day, create new ideas how to implement or apply, it is, therefore, important to select a reliable and experienced talented blockchain developer.

Verifies the authentication of the transition, using special software tools work through the nodes.

The blockchain is made of blocks of information that are chronologically staked, the tracking of the transaction in the digital world.

Benefits of Blockchain for Businesses

Possible uses at a professional level of the blockchain.

Smart Contracts

The contract features they can transfer money, stocks, goods, or anything of value in a transparent and conflict highway while avoiding the services of an emissary. Smart contracts do not define the only rules and responsibilities of an agreement, most of the way a traditional contract but they automatically apply them.

Authentication of Products to Fight Against Counterfeiting

This is due to the fact that unauthorized manufacturers are frequently able to create a counterfeit of all kinds. Counterfeit goods are a problem all over the world. Mostly brands suffer from significant revenue losses and their image is tarnished, while consumers face quality and safety issues. The blockchain can provide solutions in terms of traceability.

Transparent and Secure Transactions

Cryptography secures records as part of a transaction and each of them is linked to the previous transaction of records. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a central authority or intermediary to manage. In addition, the log of operation is shared and viewable by all participants. The hacker to modify all the blocks preceding the one targeted by the attack, before being disclosed.


The blockchain has tremendous potential for both insurers and policyholders. They can verify their veracity by ensuring that only one request has been issued. Also, automate contract and reduce their management costs. The former can detect fraud by accessing claims. On the side of the insured, this can reduce the long wait for compensation.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Senior Citizens in 2020

Senior Citizens The inception of technology has marked its presence in Senior Citizen’s life, offering utmost comfort and convenience. In recent years, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and senior citizen apps (the applications that are designed to perform a specific task) became the need of our day to day life. Mobile apps can be categorized into various categories offering a different kind of experience. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Institute, in 2019, 73% of people over the age of 65 were connected to the internet.


Smartphones have become an essential gadget to carry around for all the generations. Just by downloading a few preferred apps, one can prioritize their work in the most effective way. The right kind of mobile app can help senior citizens sustain in this competitive world, offering a great experience. With digitalization taking place, the utilization of mobile apps among senior citizens is rising too. A large number of senior citizens regularly use multiple mobile applications for many different reasons. From staying in touch with friends and family to keep up with the news update, everything is possible now at fingertips.

The rise in demand for mobile app development is undoubtedly making people’s life easy and convenient. Every second person is hooked to their mobile phone, downloading mobile apps from all the categories. Adding extra features with some unique designs has become essential to grab customer attention. Hire developer from us to develop your own app consisting of attention-grabbing features. Our team of professional developers can build your app in such a way that it will grow beyond boundaries. Our expertise in trending technologies can really help you thrive while offering amazing services to each age group, from kids to senior citizens.

10 Helpful Senior Citizen Apps in 2020

Technology extending its hands for easy handling options on a daily basis. For many of us, it has proven to be a blessing in helping us completing our day to day tasks with ease. From kids to senior citizens everyone finds it important to download.
BR Softech, being a leading mobile app development company helps you convert your idea into reality. If you wish to develop the next trending senior citizen app 2020, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the market analysis.

Here we have listed the best Senior Citizen Apps 2020 to help you make your life easy and daily chores satisfactory.

1. Messaging App (Whatsapp)

This simple, fast, and secure chat messaging app helps you keep in touch with people that matter the most. One can keep the conversation going with its seamless sync with whatever device is more convenient for you. It is considered as one of the best apps for seniors 2020 that enables them to speak freely even if their relatives live in a different country.

Its instant service with a built-in camera enables elders to capture the moment that matters and share it with their relatives. It has made document sharing easy while allowing you to record a message with no hassle to type it down. It is entirely secure, offering great privacy and security.

2. Paytm

With the emergence of technology, transferring money and going cashless has become extremely easy. With the increasing popularity of online banking and e-commerce applications, we can see peer-to-peer payments as an essential part of the technology. Hence, a senior citizen must look for robust money transfer app.

Paytm is an excellent example of going cashless and making money transfer easy. From tea stall to the grocery store next door, everybody accepts Paytm payment, offering many other facilities.

3. Skype

With family members living outside the country or different parts of worlds, it becomes very challenging to stay connected. The cost of international calls can be another significant factor for senior citizens. By downloading Skype, you can enjoy the international voice and video calls at minimum charges.

Enjoy the benefit of the evolution of the internet and get the opportunity to make free calls. It is an excellent platform for business, banking, education, and learning to offer a unique facility for senior citizens. This universal used app is beneficial, offering reliable services and utmost privacy.

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4. Medisafe

This popular pill reminder app has become the personal assistant of a lot of senior citizens offering excellent services. It sends you a reminder for all your medicines, dosages, time, and other special instructions.

Not just that, it can also track your weight, blood pressure, and glucose measurement if you accurately fill the details of your intake. It helps you keep yourself and your loved ones safe, providing timely pill reminders and pill usage. By just following a few simple steps, you can add a medication and start to receive reminders for taking a pill.

Senior citizens often forget to take the pill until there is someone who can remind them about the medicines. Using this app can be beneficial, providing constant tracking of your health.

5. Taxi Booking app Uber/Ola

For senior citizens who face difficulty riding their own car, ride-hailing apps are a blessing. Apps like Uber and ola can be very helpful offering convenient rides across the town. It’s easy to book and simple to pay with multiple payment options.

With these ride-hailing apps, you no longer have to worry about parking or wait for a bus or taxi. It can be extremely helpful to elevate your experience and make your travel easy and hassle-free. The best part about Taxi Booking apps is there is no bargaining for the right fare, it is automatically calculated as per the end of the trip as per given price per kilometre.

6. Latest Ludo

Ludo is one of the most addictive board games which is now available on smartphones. One of the salient features of this game is that it can be played with computer intelligence. This board game allows you to strategize your gameplay and delay the mental condition that can harm you in multiple ways. It is considered as best game apps for seniors 2020.

It keeps your mind active while the game fun and exciting. This engaging game helps in lightening the mood and increases enthusiasm. To play this fun game, it is not mandatory to have an internet connection. Defeat the other player with the highest throw of the dice and enjoy playing Ludo with great excitement.

7. Daily Hunt

Stay updated with this amazing app that offers news update in 10 different languages. Install this news reading app on your phone and it will keep you updated with all the latest news. There are several other apps too like NDTV, Inshorts, etc. With these apps, you can stay updated about the recent activities, breaking news all the time.

Downloading this news app can help you access news anytime anywhere without reading the newspaper and switching on the television. The advantage of a news app is, it keeps you updated while keeping you occupied with the kind of information you want.

8. Senior Safety Phone (Android)

This is one of the must download senior citizen apps 2020. It is specially developed keeping senior citizen’s requirements in mind replacing a standard screen on the Android operated device. It helps the senior citizens who are partially sighted or have weak eyesight. It replaces the multiple small icons of the Android mobile app into a large colour differentiated buttons with understandable icons and clear text.

It can help improve the lives of the elderly by transforming the app into an intuitive simple user-friendly interface. This can be really helpful who has difficulty using smartphones. It transforms the phone look while offering you the ability to use your phone in the most useful way.

9. MedWatcher

Medwatcher is an ultimate app developed for senior citizens or anyone who needs a reminder. It helps to schedule medication and exercise. It gives you complete access to drug description, their side effects and medical uses details enhancing your knowledge on intake.

This reliable and trustworthy app functionality is well tested and approved by experts. Its collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration make medical products safer for everyone providing complete information on their side effects.

10. ElderOne

ElderOne is an outstanding app developed by experts keeping their business needs in mind. It’s an app which every senior citizen would need considering the combine services they provide. This app is designed combining the needs of senior citizens offering an advanced solution to their basic needs.

From healthcare to food, cooking, politics and technology it covers all aspects including Government schemes and services. This must download app provides the facility of discussion form where senior citizens can ask or discuss any problem related to any issue. This app includes Panic Alarm, Home health test bookings, useful products and services which can offer ease in their life.

Taking everything into account

The rise in demand for mobile app development is undoubtedly making people’s life easy and convenient. Every second person is hooked to their mobile phone, downloading mobile apps from all the categories.

Adding extra features with some unique designs has become essential to grab customer attention. Hire developer from us to develop your own app consisting of attention-grabbing features. Our team of professional developers can build your app in such a way that it will grow beyond boundaries. Our expertise in trending technologies can really help you thrive while offering amazing services to each age group, from kids to senior citizens.

How Mobile Fits Into Your Centralized IT Strategy

Do you have a centralized IT strategy? If so, do you also have a mobile strategy? How does mobile fit into your overall centralized IT strategy? These are important questions to answer. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as strategically important for their organization. In addition, 86% say that a clear vision of how digital technologies can create a competitive advantage is key to the success of their investments. It’s great that most CEOs understand the importance of mobility. However, when it comes to the execution of mobile projects, app development becomes decentralized and fragmented. According to a report, 46% of CIOs say fragmentation is the reason why their mobile strategy lags behind. This can cause serious issues as a lack of a mobile strategy will lead to redundancy, inefficiency, uncontrolled costs, and even apps that fail. CIOs need to address the issue of fragmentation so that they don’t wind up overspending on enterprise apps that don’t even work.

IT Strategy

So what can CIOs do? First, you need to look at all current mobile apps that have been deployed, all applications, technologies, and also the policies and procedures that are set in place for employees. Is your company ready for mobility initiatives? Is the infrastructure in place to handle mobile apps and the technologies that go along with them?

If the organization hasn’t deployed any mobile apps, then it would be a good idea to start by creating an enterprise mobile strategy. In the strategy, you’ll need to identify areas in the business where mobile could enhance processes. To do that, you’ll need to get some researchers to conduct user research, which helps uncover areas where processes could be made more efficient. Investing in research early will improve the success of your mobile app. When creating your strategy, make sure that your mobility and company goals are aligned. This will help you when it comes time to design and develop your mobile apps. By having aligned goals, the mobile agency will be able to create apps to help you reach your KPIs. Creating a mobile app isn’t as simple as you’d think especially if you want the app to transform your business processes.

If your company has mobile apps already, it would be a good idea for you to figure out the personas and how they are using mobile. For example, are warehouse managers using mobile apps to ensure that inventory levels are correct? Are you using mobile to make sure that all products have been inspected and are of high quality? Are these mobile apps designed so that they can actually enhance and improve work or do they just add more stress to workers? Also, is the user experience consistent throughout all apps and technology at the company? Creating a great user experience is key especially in getting your workers to adopt and actually use these mobile apps. Your apps need to be able to sync information to a central database and to your existing systems.

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One important area to consider when aligning your mobile and IT strategies is the policies and procedures that will be used to govern these technologies and users. One way to govern these policies and procedures is by creating a Mobile Center of Excellence or MCoE. An MCoE can ensure consistency for all your mobile projects across your organization and tie everything back to your core business objectives.

Security is a huge issue and users need to understand how apps can be used so that data doesn’t accidentally get leaked out. Even if the information does get leaked out, your company needs a plan in place to fix the issue quickly so that data won’t get into the wrong hands. To protect your company, you should apply enterprise mobile security best practices such as using multiple forms of authentication, creating separate, secure mobile gateways, and performing regular mobile security audits. In addition, you should use a mobile application management system (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM), provider. What is the difference between a MAM and MDM? A mobile application management system or MAM helps companies control individual apps and user authentication. Mobile device management or MDM provider gives IT control over devices so if a mobile device is lost, it can be remotely wiped so that all private company data can be removed. Just having a MAM or MDM may not be enough though – you will need to integrate all your mobile devices into a centralized vulnerability management strategy. Taking these steps will help your company protect its data and lessen the impact of security breaches.

By including your mobile strategy into the company’s centralized IT strategy, you’ll be able to align your goals for mobility with your company’s overall goals. Want to learn more about creating a mobile strategy? Check out our guide below.

Best Live Streaming Video App for Mobile

Streaming Video App Look around you. Everyone with their heads down with their thumbs tapping away on a small screen. Mobile phones are literally everywhere. It’s time to take advantage of this phenomenon through live video streaming of your events using your iPhone or Android phone. Sometimes you might see something and think and wish that you yourself could broadcast that live right now but you don’t have your camcorder with you. Well, good thing there’s an app for everything these days.

Streaming Video App

Mobile phones have become a necessity in today’s society and it’s not surprising to know that smartphone user base in India with Chinese brands dominating the market, crossed 300 million as shipments grew 18 percent annually in 2016 compared to the global smartphone market which grew only three percent, a new report said recently.

You Need a Video Streaming App to Stream a Live Event From Your Smartphone.

By the end of 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users in the world. That means 70% of the entire human population on earth will have the means to be connected to the internet anytime, anywhere. Smartphones have also become mini-TVs with larger and more high-definition screens. In 2014, 53% of all video was viewed on mobile.

We have come to know through a report that video traffic is planned to grow 55 percent per year until 2020, driven by video streaming services. People are getting have become habitual to watch content any where, any time and on any device.  Now broadcasters can broadcast video content from wherever they are through their smartphones. Folks here you go with some of the best live video streaming apps for mobile that will work with your channel.


Are you planning to start an IPTV business? But no idea how to go about it. Then come to us because we have IPTV Live Streaming Video App solution similar to hotstar. You can enjoy live streaming as it is a simple, useful and effective readymade apps solution for iptv or a mobile device. You can use on Android, iphone and Web applications. It advantage is you can watch live everything. Infact live shows with varous features and like and share your views.

2. Broadcast Me

OS: iOS / Android
Price: $0.99 / Free

This is a great app that lets you broadcast live video through your iOS or Android device. It runs through a multimedia server which allows RTMP publishing. Your live stream should be encoded with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. It costs only $0.99 at the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

3. NanoStream

OS: iOS / Android
Price: Free demo available

This Mobile Live Video Encoder is available for devices like for iOS and Android and includes H.264/AAC components as well as the nanocosmos RTMP stack to ensure a stable and professional stream.
It is very easy to setup this app and in turn will allow you to stream from anywhere on your  channels when using an iOS device.

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4. BigVEncoder

OS: Android
Price: $9.99

This app is more suitable for Android cameras and microphones as it streams high quality audio and video in real time. It also supports many audio and video formats such as H.264, MP4, AAC and MP3 among others. You can even convert your existing files to other formats. It costs $9.99 at the Google Play Store.

This app does not support secured streaming, as it has no login and password field and due to this reason it can only be used with DaCast’s Legacy Flash option.

5. Broadcaster

OS: Android
Price: free

This free Android-only app is a multi-purpose. It can record your audio and video broadcasts. And also a multi-protocol encoder and broadcaster thus multipurpose. You do not have to manually input them as you can directly load your publisher settings from your channels to this app. This is also only compatible for legacy Flash channels.

6. Wirecast GO

OS: iOS 9.0 or later
Price: free / $5.99 to stream to any RTMP server

The free version of this mobile live streaming production app will let you stream directly to Youtube so you will need to purchase the full version to make it work with DaCast. You can replay highlights of your live broadcast and switch between unlimited shots through paying version.

Please note that if you have a Wirecast account you have the possibility to use Wirecast Cam which is a companion to the live production software (version 6.0.1 and above).

But for it to be compatible with channels, it has to be RTMP-enabled. Please ensure that the live video streaming app supports RTMP streaming. Your video should be encoded with H.264 and AAC for  the best quality streaming.

Wrapping up:

Now you have available with you BR IPTV one of the best live video streaming apps from BR Softech . BR Softech is one of the leading Mobile apps development company. So get set and on the broadcast live from your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. It is one of the biggest trends in the last few years. Explore events from hundreds of thousands of broadcasters around.

Why TV Apps Development is in Demand ?

People in today’s date have a busy life and they are unable to watch TV like they used to before and this has lead to the demand for developing functional TV apps for the leading platforms by the developers and programmers.

TV apps

Top 4 reasons why the future needs investment in TV apps:

#1 TV is recovering the major place as home entertainment device:

As per the Time Magazine, it is said that generally American has stopped watching TV very less in a day. Many of the Americans are now shifting towards the Apple TV and also the Netflix. It can said that the traditional TV channels are also in the warning but we just can’t imagine the world without the entertainment of TV as such. Watching TV is also decreasing gradually and different kinds of internet related activities are taking an upward trend and are also combining together as the best entertainment trend. Similar TV apps like Hotstar are in huge demand these days.

#2 Internet of Things is also an increasing trend:

This year 2017 will watch an upward trend in tech internet of things. This is the highly flourishing technology for the household and also for the office too. Amazon echo, for instance is the trending technology. This helps the people to manage 2 things at a time, various household things along with sitting to watch the TV. Hence, it can be said that the TV will again be recovering the major entertainment platform and it will be moving towards the new position as the life management tool also. The lavish Siri enabled Apple TV controller or the best voice enabled remote which is for the Amazon Fire TV will be able to convince you to a lot of extent. The TV apps helps to know anything about the weather forecast, about the football match or your favourite stocks.

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#3 To stay ahead of the competition:

As the leading apps development company Australia, we have the team of dedicated developers who keep themselves updated about the latest technology trends for developing the TV apps on leading platforms. The TVOS apps store will be coming up soon and will also have around 100 apps in it. The best opportunity for the tech world is to move ahead and opting for the TV app development which will be taking the world by storm. From the blend of video apps and the games regarding the TVOS app store, there is Airbnb.

#4 Gaming sector:

Gaming turns out to be the major part of Apple’s plan regarding the TVOS. This is also the reason why investing in TV apps is the better option to be taken. The gaming sector’s increasing trend will also be resulting in the development of TV apps. If the group of kids is related and the group of teenagers is related then the Apple TV is planning to come up with the best in class techniques for the complete family entertainment.

Conclusion : 

If you are looking forward for investing in the TV app regarding Android TV or the Apple TV, then you can contact us and we will assist you in developing the best TV apps which will help your business to grow rapidly. We have 6+ years of experience in developing the web and mobile apps for the clients according to their needs and requirements which gives them 100% satisfaction.