Nothing can be as comforting as curling up under your blanket and playing your favorite games on your smartphone. The mobile gaming platform is picking up, and if you are a gamer, the iPhone seems to be the best.
The iPhone created a significant breakthrough in the gaming area, becoming home to interesting multitouch innovation through to ports of popular arcade titles.
With over a million apps available by iphone app development companies in the App Store, the gaming options are overwhelming. And with a massive amount of options out there, it gets challenging to choose the game that suits your needs. Moreover, not every game in the App Store is worth your time.
To take off that burden, this article will list out some of the top games that will keep you hooked. If you’re looking for a casual puzzler or something a bit more legendary, you’ll find everything in this piece.
Without further ado, let’s get started!
1. Kingdom Two Crowns
This iPhone game has a monarch on horseback that uses many gold coins to allow locals to do his biddings. Trained archers set out to hunt local wildfire for the feast. Elsewhere, fences are built to turn your ruined campfire into a bit less ruined fortress.
As the sun sets, the Greed arrives. These ghoulish monsters exist to loot things. Hence, if they catch your laborer’s tools, you have to spend to upgrade them. If they get your crown, your rule is over. It’s up to your heir to figure out how to combat the Greed.
With the lush pixel art, a smart blend of real-time strategy, and action, Kingdom Two Crowns is a masterpiece with a $5 price tag.
2. EVE Echoes
This is one of the world’s most massive and most indulging MMO’s, and you can now pay an akin game on your iPhone device. EVE Echoes brings many open-ended player interactions, skill trees, and a massive amount of risk.
Eve Echoes takes place in a totally separate parallel universe from the primary EVE Online game; hence, you need not worry about bumping into computer players who spent years developing their power base.
3. F1 Manager
The Formula 1 World Championship is one of the most influential racing organizations around. As you might never get the chance to drive these robust machines, the F1 Manager allows you to manage your team. Make a pit stop strategy, determine whether to go out or sneak the lead on the last lap, and hire and level-up real-world F1 drivers. It seems great and plays outstandingly. But keep in mind that a few items are payable; hence, lock your account before handing over your game to a child.
4. Reigns: Game of Thrones

After the success of “Tinder but for running a Monarchy” franchise Reigns, developers Nerial started off with a new licensed edition with Reigns: Game of Thrones.
In this game, you tend to your subjects and rivals’ desires and demands, keeping the army, people, church, and bank happy.
Snap cards right or left and your approval ratings change likewise, and at times unexpected. Quests and themes run throughout, offering surprising depth, providing the essential nature of your interactions. The game is more exciting if you admire the TV show on which it is based. For newcomers also, the Reign is fun.
5. Crashlands
The touching story behind Crashlands would cover the entire article, but there is much more to discuss. It’s absolutely worth trying once if you are a gamer. It’s a game created from the ground up for mobile phones that takes hints from Don’t Starve likes. You’re developing, crafting, and battling your way through an alien landscape that your damaged spaceship has smashed into.
6. Warbits
Warbit, even though influenced by Nintendo’s turn-based technique, it isn’t duplicate. This iOS game brings plenty of novel thinking to the table and is very much honed for the iPad.
Working with 16 multiple units, you battle a series of battlefields by guiding your troops, carefully noting your strengths and rival’s weaknesses.
Accomplish the 20-mission campaign, and you’ll have a reasonable grasp of Warbits, and then can venture online to conquer other human players across several different maps. Warbits is a $5 price game with amazing visuals and sufficient new ideas over the game that inspired it.
7. Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens flawlessly captures the Oatmeal-illustrated original. According to that version, this is Russian roulette with exploding cats.
Gamers take a turn to pick a card, and if they receive a detonating kitten, they must disperse it or suddenly find themselves out of the game.
Strategy arises by way of an action card, allowing you to peek at the deck, miss a turn, loot cards from your rival, and draw from the bottom of the deck.
8. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest games of the last decade. Minecraft releases you into a box-based world and tells you to sustain and build. From humble beginnings of making your first pickaxe and punching trees, you’ll soon be making yourself a house, establishing a farm, and also adventuring into weird other dimensions.
9. Snipers Vs. Thieves: Zombies!
This is the sequel of Sniper Vs. Thieves, and replicated the simple formula from the previous game and added Zombies. However, in this game, zombies aren’t starving for brains; they are hungry for money. Hence, secure your cash from a bunch of zombies by correctly shooting them out, and with the money, you earn upgrades for your trusty weapon.
There are in-app purchases that you can expect, but it’s fun to play with even without paying, so you need not worry.
10. Angry Birds 2
This one is the most epic mobile franchise around. Angry Birds 2 will make you recall your memories of the war between birds and the eggs-catching pigs.
There have been some changes in the original game, though. You can now choose the bird you use, take on multi-stage levels, and win over the mighty eagle to earn coins to spend in his shop.
This article covers most of the exciting iPhone games of 2020 from the tons of others out there that will totally grab your attention and keep you hooked. Moreover, this article covers all different sorts of games that, despite being fussy, you will at least end up choosing 1 or 2.